Class Resources

Adventures with Mushrooms

Fundamental Rules of Mushroom Hunting by the Mushroom Hunting Foundation
The Mushroom Hunting Foundation website
Boston Mycological Club website
Audubon Field Guide by Gary Lincoff
Mushrooms Demystified by David Arora
Mushroom Q&A with The Mushroom Hunters

Adventures in Winter Sowing

Get Busy Gardening: Choosing the best soil for winter sowing
Empress of Dirt (Zone 6): How to Winter Sow Seeds & Recommended Sowing Schedule
Susan’s in the garden (Zone 5): Winter Sowing
Neptune’s Harvest fertilizer presentation

Adventures in Micro-greens

Micro-greens quick reference

Adventures in Seed Saving

“The Seed Garden” by The Seed Savers Exchange
Available at the Littleton, MA Library
Available from (affiliate link)

Seed charts and instructions for seed saving

Adventures in Seed Starting

Seed Starting Quick Reference
Seed Companies

Adventures in Tea from your Garden

Tea from your garden reference

Garden Resources

Gardening Resources (PDF Document of gardening resources)
Preventing, Identifying and Treating Blight (
Vegetable Watering Chart

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