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There are no public events scheduled at this time. If you'd like to schedule a private event for your organization, please see our Gardening Classes list.

Course Catalog

Custom courses can be presented on most gardening topics. Here are some standard courses that we often offer with local garden clubs, libraries, community farms, seed libraries and similar organizations.

Adventures in Seed Starting

There’s nothing like the taste of homegrown fruits & vegetables and the varieties are endless when you start your plants from seed.  Whether you’re new to gardening or a vegetable growing veteran, join us for an interactive session of seed starting tips and tricks.  Attendees will have the opportunity to plant some seeds and take them home. A good class to offer in early Spring.

Adventures in Seed Saving

Saving seeds is fun and inexpensive, but beware, it can also be addictive! Join our class to learn about the importance of saving seeds, seed saving “how to’s” and tips and tricks for saving and storing seeds successfully. Many types and sizes of seeds will be included in the presentation and some will be available for attendees to save and take home. A good class to offer mid to late gardening season.

Adventures in Making Tea From Your Garden

Making your own teas mixes learning about the benefits of various herbs with the pleasure of drinking tea you grew, harvested, blended and brewed. Learn how to make herbal teas with ingredients found in your garden. Attendees will get to sample several teas in addition to making their own unique blend to try at home.

Adventures in Microgreens

Have you heard about microgreens, but aren’t sure what all the fuss is about? Wondering how to scratch your gardening itch during the winter? This informative and hands-on class explores the benefits of growing and eating microgreens. Attendees get step-by-step instructions on how to grow microgreens, and create their own micro-garden to take home!

Adventures in the Vegetable Garden- Tips and Tricks for Spring Planting

Growing your own food is a rewarding and tasty way to spend a summer in your yard.  It’s also a good way reduce your grocery bills and provide food for your family in uncertain times.  This class covers step by step “how-to’s” for selecting, preparing and planting a garden site, and provides tips and tricks for making your garden adventures a success!  (2-part series)

Adventures in the Vegetable Garden- I Planted a Garden! Now What?

You’ve planted your vegetable garden and your seeds and seedlings are tucked in and ready to grow.  Now what?  Do I fire up the grill and wait for the vegetables to show up or do I have to keep an eye out for problems?  What if something is eating my greens?  What are those black spots on my tomatoes?  How do I convince the groundhog to eat in my neighbor’s yard? Focus will be on pest and water management, fertilizer, harvesting and more.  (2-part series)

Garden Photography

This class covers garden photography tips you can use whether you’re making photos with your phone, a compact digital camera or a complex camera system. Discover small things you can do to make your photos stand out from run of the mill garden photos. An excellent class for late winter or early spring: attendees missing their own gardens enjoy seeing the garden photos in the presentation.

Customized Classes

Classes based on the above topics or many other gardening topics are available. We’re scheduling classes now. Contact us to schedule a customized class for your group or organization.

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