It starts with a seed. Started indoors or sowed directly in the garden. Nurtured into a plant that yields the garden’s bounty.

Along the way we water, feed, prune, weed and care for the plants.

After due time, we harvest and prepare the fruits and vegetables for eating now or later.  

There’s nothing like enjoying the fruits of your labor!

Seeds2Plate has moved to Dunstable, MA and is about gardening for food, gardening for beauty, respecting Mother Nature and the pure joy of spending time outdoors! Join us as we restart our gardens from scratch in very sandy soil. Another adventure!

Our Latest News, Tips and Ideas

Littleton Seed Library 2024 Season Opening!

The Littleton Seed Library has been restocked and is open for business!Join us on March 30th 2024 for the official opening at the Reuben Hoar Library where you can: Learn

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Citizen Science

This year I’m taking things up a notch by participating in 2 different Seed Saver’s Exchange (SSE) Citizen Science Corps programs. They have a program called ADAPT where gardeners can

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It’s Seed Starting Time!

I hope many of you have been able to attend one of my seed starting classes offered on Zoom this year. Each Spring brings new excitement for the possibilities of

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Mis-Adventures with Ticks!

Why a talk about ticks in the middle of Winter? Because my friend Larry Dapsis, an entomologist that works for Barnstable County Extension, has taught me that ticks are a

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It’s Tea Time!

Now that the weather has turned cold in New England, it’s time to warm up with a nice cup of tea! Have you ever thought about using the bounty from

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Adventures with Fertilizer

I get a lot of questions about fertilizers and what kind should be used on various plants, shrubs and trees. In order to get some straight answers, I invited Ann

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Are you craving a garden fix?  Come to a class and learn how to grow micro-greens, start seeds for your vegetable garden or make healthy teas from plants in your yard. Click below for the class schedule.

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