Mis-Adventures with Ticks!

Why a talk about ticks in the middle of Winter? Because my friend Larry Dapsis, an entomologist that works for Barnstable County Extension, has taught me that ticks are a threat and active all year round! Check out his informative and entertaining presentation:

Want More Tick Talk?

As Larry mentions in his presentation, he has a 10 part video series on ticks called the Tickology Project. Be sure to check them out! In addition, the University of Massachusetts has an archive of interviews with tick experts if you want to get more info from different sources.

There were a lot of questions and comments about toxicity of permethrin to humans, animals and insects. Larry shared the website for the National Pesticide Information Center where I found a very detailed factsheet explaining what permethrin is, how it works and its effects.

Got Permethrin?

For those of you who want to use permethrin to repel ticks as well as mosquitoes, spiders, fleas and chiggers, you can use this affiliate link for Insect Shield’s website to help support my business and get yourself a 15% discount on your first purchase! Or if you prefer to go directly to the Insect Shield website, you can use SEEDS2PLATE for the coupon code and get a 15% discount on your first purchase. Discounts apply to non-sale items only. Note that the clothing treatment option must be ordered separately from clothing, accessories and spray.

Tick Bite?

If you’ve been bitten by a tick and want to find out if it’s carrying disease, you can send it in for testing. Here’s some information on testing services and pricing on the Massachusetts Government website. Testing on ticks is 99% accurate and provides good information to share with your doctor if you’ve been bitten.

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