When life gives you pears …

What do you do when a friend gives you four 5-gallon buckets of ripe pears? You google “pears” of course!

Here are the creative ways that I found to use my unexpected bounty:

Pear Custard Pie

I made a couple of these and they were delicious! And very easy to make! I used my apple peeler/ slicer and had the pears cut up in no time!

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Pear Vodka

I made this in late October by cutting up the pears, dropping them in inexpensive vodka and letting the pears infuse the vodka for almost 4 months.  The pear flavored vodka that resulted made a wonderful French Pear Martini.  

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Pear Juice

As the pears reached peak ripeness, they needed to be used as quickly as possible.  I ran them through my slow juicing machine which made wonderful pear juice with lots of pulp, but no skins or seeds.  I froze single pints of juice in recycled plastic containers and thawed them in the refrigerator when I needed some juice.  I experimented with putting vitamin C tablets in some of the batches.  The ascorbic acid in the vitamin C prevented the juice from turning brown and made it even more healthy!

Pear slow juice

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